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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Residency Program


What if I have questions about the program or the Match?

We are happy to answer general questions about the program via email or telephone. For specific questions regarding the interview, ranking, and matching process, we abide by the Match Communication Code of Conduct.  

Do you accept additional letters of reference? 

Additional letters of reference are accepted if sent through ERAS.

Do you have a minimum cutoff score for USMLE steps 1 and 2?

We do not have a minimum USMLE score cutoff for you to apply, as we look at each application holistically, but do require that you have submitted passing scores for Step 1 and Step 2 before the Match.

Will you accept COMLEX scores in place of USMLE scores?

We accept COMLEX scores in addition to -- but not in place of -- USMLE scores.

Do you sponsor J-1 visas?

Unfortunately, we do not sponsor J-1 visas at this time.