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Valley Children's Adaptive Sports Program

Valley Children’s Adaptive Sports Program provides free recreational and athletic experiences for those with disabilities. The only one of its kind in Central California, the program is designed for individuals with physical impairments and conditions ranging from cerebral palsy to spinal cord injuries. Disabled youth up to age 21 are especially encouraged to attend. Volunteers of any age, disabled or able-bodied, are needed to assist with events, mentoring and coaching. 

Our region’s abundant mountains, lakes, rivers, trails, athletic facilities and more make amazing destination hotspots for recreational and competitive activities. Whether water skiing or rock climbing, participants enjoy a fun experience while boosting their health, confidence and independence. 

Through hard work and determination, the children learn it is possible to participate in athletics, exceed expectations and achieve their dreams. 

Tatiana's Story

Tatiana's Story

The answer was no. Firm and definite. Tatiana Placencia wanted no part of sitting in a wheelchair. The mere suggestion invoked disdain. It was already difficult enough being a teenaged girl starting high school, never mind one who wore a prosthetic leg. Like any typical teenager, Tatiana’s independence was critical to her happiness. A wheelchair was an unwanted spotlight. “I didn’t want to look more disabled,” she said. But now, three years after her definitive “no,” a wheelchair is helping Tatiana shape her future. This summer, she will move nearly 700 miles from home to The University of Arizona thanks to a wheelchair basketball scholarship, a sport she discovered as part of Valley Children’s Adaptive Sports program, and one that grew her family, opened her personality and made her a collegiate athlete. “It’s a dream,” Tatiana said.

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