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Our People

Photo of Valley Children's residents smiling in front of Valley Children's Hospital front entrance

Dedication. That’s what binds the people at Valley Children’s. We are dedicated to always bringing our best, knowing children are counting on us. Dedication to service is a value of Valley Children’s physicians, staff and interprofessionals throughout our network. The residency program is no different. We recognize that we are growing physicians dedicated to the well-being of our children in the Valley and beyond. 

Academic faculty hold appointments at Stanford University School of Medicine and are intimately involved in teaching on interprofessional bedside rounds, in small group sessions and formal didactic sessions. Faculty will serve as mentors in clinical research projects, longitudinal community experiences and quality improvement projects for residents. Interprofessional education is a tenet of the residency program which has enhanced the educational experience as well as creating a bond among interprofessional residents, such as pharmacy residents, with the pediatric residents. We encourage everyone at Valley Children’s to share their knowledge and teach in the moment, as the best care for our children is never in isolation.