Valley Children's Maternal-Fetal Center

One place for an unmatched depth and breadth of specialized treatment

If your pregnancy has suddenly changed from normal to complex, you want to make sure you have the right experts by your side.  With advanced technologies and the most inclusive team of board-certified physicians in Central California, Valley Children’s Maternal Fetal Center provides the highest level of care for pregnant moms before, during and after delivery.

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists are highly trained in complex pregnancies. Our physicians treat moms with health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, advanced maternal age, seizure disorders, bleeding, early labor or other health complications. We provide care for unborn babies that may have a birth defect and can identify 80-90 percent of babies who will need early neonatal intervention. 

One place for the maternal-fetal medicine you and your baby need

With a strong desire to help every pregnancy result in the safest delivery and best outcomes for mother and baby, we partner with your obstetrician or family doctor to offer highly specialized healthcare services. For most moms-to-be, reassurance means everything. Whether your pregnancy is considered routine or high-risk, we provide evaluations and testing to manage any situation.

Valley Children’s Maternal Fetal Center is also a designated diagnostic center for the California Prenatal Screening Program, providing comprehensive screening and diagnostic tests as well as genetic counseling. Having more information through these tests can provide peace of mind or help prepare for any special attention your baby might need immediately after delivery.

Meet Our Team

Our experienced board-certified and fellowship-trained maternal-fetal specialists have the expertise to address a wide range of concerns before, during and after pregnancy. Our team also includes a dedicated nurse navigator to help guide patients through every step of care.