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Resident Retreats

Wellness is an important aspect of our program, and resident retreats are a fun way to address the aspect of wellness at work, along with a team-building experience to bring our residents closer from the start. We provide annual retreats for each year of residency. Each retreat starts with a morning workshop that emphasizes teamwork and work-life balance. This fun workshop is followed by recreation and relaxation in a beautiful atmosphere.


PGY 1 Retreat

The intern class has a day-long retreat near the beautiful and renowned Yosemite Valley. Through group discussions and team building activities, interns will explore dealing with stress, organization, leadership styles and ways to maximize their residency education experience.

Photo of Valley Children's residents at a retreatPhoto of Valley Children's residents at a retreat

PGY 2 Retreat

During the second year, interns will have a day-long retreat focused on “residents as teachers” and leadership skills. This retreat is intended to provide skills needed for efficient and effective senior residents as interns transition into new roles.

Valley Children's Residents at a retreatPhoto of Valley Children's residents at Yosemite retreat

PGY 3 Retreat

Third year residents will spend the day in a relaxing environment discussing issues relevant to the resident graduate, including contract negotiation, investing, career or fellowship preparation, malpractice insurance and coding and billing, among other important topics.