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Simulation Program

Photo of a simulation training at Valley Children's HospitalValley Children’s has an active Interprofessional Education Simulation Program. The program includes all members of our pediatric healthcare team, physicians, residents, pharmacists, nurses, respiratory care practitioners and others. The program uses high fidelity mannequins and task trainers to simulate common medical procedures, complex medical conditions and life-threatening emergencies, even the rarest of possibilities. This allows our teams to gain experience and have a learning curve on our mannequins and not someone’s child.

The simulation medicine program is under the direction of Dr. Tara Lemoine who is fellowship-trained in both pediatric critical care and simulation medicine and supported by the simulation coordinator who has an extensive background in pediatric nursing, trauma nurse critical care certified, master in nursing education. 

Simulation is integrated throughout residency and there is time devoted specifically to working with the simulators and task trainers during all three years of residency. A few elements of our curriculum in which simulation is featured are as follows:

  • Simulation Orientation Bootcamp
  • Task Trainer Mondays 
  • ED Simulation Bootcamp
  • Interprofessional Emergency Medical Response Resuscitation Training 
  • Code Blue Leadership Training
  • NICU Simulation
  • NICU task trainers