Going Home

It's that time - you and your family get to go home! The staff at Valley Children's works hard to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are there every step of the way, and we'd like to answer a few of your questions right up front.

Planning for Discharge

We begin to plan for your child’s discharge and return home soon after admission. Staff members who are caring for your child will work closely with you to meet special needs that may require home health care services. These services might include nursing, physical or occupational therapy, equipment, special medications and transportation from the hospital to home.

You may be assigned a Case Manager to work with you and your family. They will arrange for the right level of support for you to return home or to help you decide on other options for continuing care. They will carefully assess your individual needs and preferences as well as your insurance coverage. Their goal is to make sure that you and your child reach the best possible outcome when you leave the hospital.

Leaving the Hospital

The members of your health care team will try to notify you ahead of time of your child's date of discharge. When you receive this information, please begin making transportation and other necessary arrangements.

Before your child is discharged from the hospital, you will need to talk to the Admissions Office to take care of any legal or payment obligations. Please turn in all hospital-issued items, such as pajamas, robes, and gowns before leaving.

California State law says all parents or legal guardians who are driving with their children must make sure their children are safe and secure in an approved child passenger safety seat, booster seat or safety belt. Children must be secured in a federally approved care safety seat, unless they are 6 years of age or older or weigh at least 60 pounds.

If your child has special transportation needs, a staff member will discuss arrangements with you before your child is discharged.

After You Leave

Patient Satisfaction Survey
After your stay at Valley Children’s, your family may receive a patient satisfaction survey in the mail. Please take the time to fill it out and send it back to us. It lets us know how we are doing and helps us improve services in the future.

Medical Bills from the Hospital and your Doctors
Hospital policy requires that each patient be billed for hospital services. Your bill will include the charges for all hospital services such as the costs for the hospital room, general care, laboratory tests, drugs, surgeries, X-rays and supplies. You will also receive separate bills for any services that your physician treatment team provides. These could include bills from your specialist, the radiologist and pathologist, among others.

On your behalf, the Hospital will submit claims to private insurances, Medi-Cal, or other organizations that have deemed you eligible to receive health care benefits. Payment for all hospital services is the responsibility of the parent or guarantor. You may be asked for a deposit when your child is admitted or a co-pay at time of outpatient service. A satisfactory payment arrangement is necessary upon discharge from the hospital. Your obligation to supply and complete enrollment forms, proof of eligibility, applications for medical financial assistance, etc., are all part of a patient’s responsibility. The Hospital makes every effort to make your financial information available to each physician’s billing office, but this is only a courtesy as you should contact each provider individually if you make any changes or corrections to your financial information. The Hospital assumes no responsibility for updating billing information to physician providers.

Questions concerning your bill and any hospital charge are welcome. An admissions counselor is available weekdays to help you during your stay and will be happy to schedule time to discuss any issues.

Please call extension 35150 or (559) 353-5150 from outside the hospital for information or to arrange an appointment.  For billing questions after you have left the hospital, please call Patient Accounting at (559) 353-7009. Click here more information about billing or to pay your bill.