Spiritual and Chaplain Services

At Valley Children’s we offer spiritual, religious and emotional support that is culturally sensitive to all patients, families, visitors, employees and physicians regardless of religion, creed, race, gender, nationality or beliefs. The Spiritual Support Services Team is comprised of chaplains, volunteers and community spiritual leaders. A hospital chaplain is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the Spiritual Support Office or the Hospital Operator.

Services Offered


A chaplain is available to visit with patients and families, per their request. Chaplains offer:

  • Presence
  • Prayer
  • Talk
  • Sacred literature and music
  • Meditation and stress relieving techniques
  • Spiritual and religious services – sacraments, memorials and holiday observations
  • Support through grief and other challenging or difficult times
  • Facilitation between patients and families, faith community leaders and health care providers

Referrals are made by hospital staff, physicians, community members or self-referral.


Education is offered to hospital staff regarding the role and use of the hospital chaplain. Community education is also offered to provide Lay Ministry Training for Volunteer Chaplain Aides.


Chaplains are available upon request to provide spiritual counseling for hospital staff, families and patients experiencing grief and loss.

Contact Spiritual Support Services

(559) 353-5308