Remote Access Portal


Valley Children’s Hospital has implemented a Remote Access Portal to enhance security and make connecting to information easier! 

Think of this as your new one-stop-shop for accessing information on the Valley Children’s Network. This new remote access portal will eventually be the single point of entry for all of your remote information needs. The system will allow you to connect to multiple types of remote access systems, based on your user profile, all from one simple user interface.

Review the Remote Access Portal Application document which describes the access assignments for applications available on the Valley Children’s Remote Access Portal.

First Time Registration

If you have not already registered to use the remote access portal click the link above to register.

  1. Login with your network credentials
  2. Complete the form
  3. Click Update

Access the Portal

To access the portal, click the link above 

  1. Select your computer type (public or private) 
  2. Enter your network credentials
  3. Click Submit

Printing from Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop Types

Web Based Virtual Desktop: (Limited Printing available)

The Web Based Virtual Desktop is the default remote access option for users who require access to virtual desktops and internal applications. Web Based Virtual Desktop offers full access to Valley Children's business and clinical information systems and can be access from any web browser.
Limited Printing:  Printing is limited from MEDITECH and Remote Desktop (however, users can print to a fax machine from these systems.)

Client Based Virtual Desktop: (Printing Available)

For clients that require more advanced features such as:

  • Remote Printing
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Full Screen Desktop

To setup Client Based Virtual Desktop, please have your IT department (or whomever supports your computer systems) contact the ITS Service Desk at (559)-353-7300.

User Manuals

Need remote desktop access?

If you require VMWare VDI Remote Desktop Access, follow these easy steps:

  1. Take Mobile Device Training
  2. Sign Remote Access Form & return to the Service desk:

Employee Remote Access 
Non-Employee Remote Access

If you require advanced remote access features such authorized remote printing, please contact the ITS Service Desk (559-353-7300) for full client installation instructions.

For Support

For questions or issues with access, please contact the ITS Service Desk at the following number: (559) 353-7300. 

You may be asked to click here for troubleshooting purposes.
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