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Where We Work

Hospital-Based Sites

Valley Children’s Hospital

Valley Children’s Hospital offers pediatric subspecialty medical and surgical care on every level, serving California's Central Valley, a 45,000 square-mile region. The hospital has state-of-the-art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and maternal-fetal medicine services. We have an extremely busy Emergency Department with close to 130,000 patient encounters in 2016. The Centers of Excellence also include Cancer and Blood Diseases Center, The Willson Heart Center, Charlie Mitchell Children’s Center, and The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center. Another wonderful asset is the 20-bed Rehabilitation Center in the hospital, which is one of only three rehabilitation facilities with state accreditation. Interprofessional collaboration is a vital part of our culture in order to ensure the best patient care every day. In addition, Valley Children’s Hospital is designated as a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center, the only Pediatric Trauma Center in Central California.

Stanford Children’s Hospital

We are partnered with Stanford Children’s Hospital for your rotations in Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Residents are provided apartment housing in Mountain View, CA, located within walking distance to the CalTrain station, to allow for fast and affordable transportation during your rotations.  

Kaiser Permanente's Fresno Birthing Center

The Fresno Birthing Center, the site for the newborn nursery rotation, provides an all-encompassing, family-centered birthing facility. Kaiser Permanente’s Intermediate Care Nursery is staffed by Valley Children’s physicians. 


Continuity Clinic Sites

Charlie Mitchell Children's Clinic - Valley Children's Hospital Main Campus

Charlie Mitchell Children's Clinic is an on campus clinic that provides primary care to medically complex children and their healthy siblings. It is the model of a medical home and has a dedicated on-site social worker, case manager and pharmacist. Care is provided for an array of diagnoses, including a multitude of genetic syndromes, cerebral palsy, transplant recipients, premature infants and children with complex multi-system diseases, among other conditions. It is staffed by general pediatricians with a passion for children with special health care needs. In this setting, residents will start their training with healthy children, and over time, learn to manage children with medical complexity from the primary care standpoint.

Valley Children's Healthcare Primary Care Network

Residents anticipating private practice careers can consider establishing their continuity clinic in a private practice setting, while still seeing a mix of both privately and state-insured patients. This practice setting affords the resident the opportunity to see a variety of well children as well as children with acute medical or psychosocial needs.

Kaiser Permanente

Residents interested in the HMO model of primary care may choose a continuity clinic with our educational partner, Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser serves as the role model for an integrated managed care consortium and serves as the healthcare network for thousands of Fresno children. Its quality of care has been highly rated and puts a strong emphasis on preventative care.

Camarena Kids

Residents interested in serving the underserved population of the Central Valley can work within this federally qualified healthcare clinic (FQHC). Located in Madera, Camarena Kids has a fully integrated clinic including behavioral health and dental services.