Patient and Family Advisory Council


Valley Children’s Healthcare partners with patients and families to provide compassionate care that respects their values in order to meet the needs of patients and families. We recognize the patient and family as experts in their own health.  

What is Patient and Family-Centered Care?

Patient and family-centered care is working together in partnership with patients and families to provide compassionate care to support families through their experience at Valley Children’s Healthcare.

What is the Patient Family Advisory Council?

The Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a group of our patient and family members who partner with staff to ensure the values of Patient and Family-Centered Care are used to improve all aspects of the patient experience. The work of the Council includes:

  • Providing input on how to improve our policies and care practices.
  • Giving feedback about their hospital stay or clinic visit.
  • Letting us know what went well and what we can do better.

How can family members get involved?

Patients and family members that join our group are called Patient and Family Advisors. We are looking for patients and family members to join our group. Patient and Family Advisors will use their own personal experiences to help improve healthcare for all of our patients and families. It is a 1-2 year membership that requires 1-4 hours of group time a month.

If you have experience from any area of our hospital or healthcare network that could help us improve care for all children and families, please apply. We welcome you to apply to join the Patient and Family Advisory Council through Valley Children's Volunteer Services.