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Resident Wellness

We recognize the stress of medical training and are dedicated to providing our residents the tools and support they need to care for their well-being. We value work-life balance and have several programs in place to help ensure wellness. 

Work-Life Balance Package

Photo of Valley Children's residents hikingPhoto of Valley Children's residents at the Fresno Chaffee ZooAt Valley Children’s, we value work-life integration. Residency training is the best time to develop healthy routines that are more likely to be long-lasting. We created a program that includes a stipend for activities that promote sustainable healthy habits, including, but not limited to:

  • Gym memberships
  • Fitness classes
  • Annual park passes
  • Season passes to sports and art events

In addition, residents may take advantage of the Strive Wellness Program, which offers nutrition counseling, fitness classes, yoga, massage, smoking cessation, biometric assessment and monthly wellness initiatives at low or no cost.

Residents are also provided one-half day off per quarter to maintain preventative medical and dental care and other needs that are best handled during the weekdays and business hours. Team building and leadership exercises are included in the curriculum as well, including annual resident retreats.

Mentoring Network

A sense of accomplishment and autonomy is very important to a physician’s wellbeing. For that purpose, we created a mentoring network for each of our residents, including coaches for advising and mentors for scholarly and advocacy projects. Additionally, for residents whose passion is in advocacy, we provide a variety of opportunities for local projects that impact the well-being of the community.

Residents are also involved in hospital committees and residency education committees, which empower them as their voices are heard throughout the healthcare network and in surrounding communities. As a residency program, we are dedicated to our residents’ work-life balance and constantly look for opportunities to expand this goal