Adult and Transition of Care Program

Through the Adult and Transition of Care Program, Valley Children’s aims to be a leader in pediatric to adult healthcare transition, providing patients with childhood onset medical conditions the resources they need to smoothly transition into the adult healthcare world. Healthcare transition, an internationally recognized component of healthcare quality, is a process that begins during adolescence as preparation, continues through early adulthood as organized hand-offs and succeeds when young adults and their families integrate into the adult healthcare system.

Our Adult Transition Clinic ensures our patients are prepared. Our adult healthcare and community partnerships facilitate organized hand-offs. In collaboration with Valley Children’s adult programs for patients with pediatric onset conditions, the entirety of our program ensures that Valley Children’s Healthcare can remain a quality resource to our patients, their families and our community as our children become young adults.

Three-step process of Adult Transition of Care: preparation, organized transfer, and integration in adult care

Several childhood-onset conditions benefit from the expertise of our pediatric subspecialty services, even as that child becomes a grown adult. A few examples include:

  • Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
  • Genetics and Metabolism
  • Adult Hematology Clinic
  • Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program

Our Adult and Transition of Care Program aims to support the safe and high-quality care for adults who continue to see Valley Children’s specialists. We lead quality improvement initiatives, provide ongoing Adult Transition Clinic care coordination and provide advice for management and disposition during acute illnesses.