Your Room

Your child's room will be the center for care and your home away from home during your stay at Valley Children's Hospital. Designed with not only healthcare, but your family's comfort in mind, the rooms in our Starship Inpatient Units have a bed or crib for your child, a sleeper chair or loveseat for you, a private restroom, television with VCR and/or DVD player, local telephone and a sink and counter. All of our patient rooms have windows with plenty of light natural light, as well as overhead lighting that features a magical starry sky in the ceiling.

Patients are encouraged to bring items from home like pajamas, slippers, pillows, blankets, favorite stuffed animals or photos. If it makes your child's room feel more like home, there is probably a place for it. Games, books and videos are available from Child Life services, and visitors are welcome if your child's medical situation allows.

Dedicated to Providing Family-Centered Care

We practice family-centered care at Valley Children's Hospital and that means we want you to play an active role in helping us care for your child. Whenever possible, we want you to be able to stay with your child. Parents are welcome to spend the night in the sleeper chair located in most of our rooms. If your child is in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) or our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that may not be possible, but we still want you to be feel as though you can spend as much time as you want with your child.

You'll interact will a variety of individuals, day and night, during your stay at Valley Children's. From nurses and physicians to dietary aides and housekeepers, they have one goal in mind - providing excellent care to your child. For your peace of mind, all hospital employees and volunteers are clearly identified by name badges. You will quickly come to know your child's care team, and call upon them when you need something.

For your convenience we have a cafeteria located on-site. You can pick up your meal from the Grape Jellyfish Cafe and bring it back to your child's room, or enjoy a break on our outdoor patio. If you're in need of a little pick-me-up, you can visit our Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee.

A comfortable place to stay is an important part of your child's stay at Valley Children's Hospital, and an important part of our policy of Family Centered Care.