The Valley Children’s Research department aims to provide hope to families by meeting disease challenges through advancing knowledge and providing ethical, innovative treatment options close to home.

Research at Valley Children’s includes a number of clinical trials, FDA-sponsored investigation drug and device studies and research opportunities that benefit both the hospital and our patients.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversees all research and educates hospital staff on the different research processes at the hospital. Research conducted at Valley Children's must be:

  • Scientifically valid,
  • Conducted in such a way as to respect the rights and welfare of our patients, and
  • In compliance with all applicable federal and institutional regulations and policies.

Composed of doctors, nurses, community members and hospital staff, the IRB brings together a wide variety of experience.

Types of research include:

  • Clinical Trials – Sponsored either by a private corporation or the National Institutes of Health, these trials provide practical investigation into a drug or medical device to be used for future applications.
  • Registries – Valley Children’s participates in a number of nationwide registries that capture data on specific populations for use in research of chronic pediatric conditions. We contribute data to registries on hematology, cystic fibrosis and diabetes.
  • Oncology Research – The Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Valley Children’s Hospital is part of the Children’s Oncology Group, participating in more than 100 ongoing clinical trials.
  • Investigator Sponsored Research – The largest area of research at Valley Children’s, these projects involve retrospective chart review. Researchers look at data to find trends in patient treatment and outcome, as well as answer questions that arise during research.

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