Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

Seventy years ago, our founding mothers had a dream to care for children in a hospital as special as its patients. Valley Children's has flourished ever since, caring for hundreds of thousands of children. Our mission guides us as we travel the road to our future alongside staff, physicians, children, families, our community and our partners throughout the region.

The mission of Valley Children's Healthcare is to provide high-quality, comprehensive healthcare services to children, regardless of their ability to pay, and to continuously improve the health and well-being of children.


Our Vision

Our vision captures the path we’ve traveled and showcases our commitment and passion to be the best. Our clear focus is to continue to provide the best care and the best quality pediatric services available anywhere.

Our vision is to provide the nation's best healthcare for kids and to become the nation's best children's hospital.


Our Values

Our values guide every decision and define our commitment and the actions supporting it.

Excellence: I am dedicated, disciplined and demonstrate high standards as we strive to be the best. I take ownership and empower myself and others to deliver an exceptional experience, every interaction, every time.

Compassionate CareI am present in every interaction. I respond to others with warmth and kindness.

Integrity: I am honest and ethical. I demonstrate high standards of personal conduct, keep my word and take responsibility for my actions.

Innovation: I always look for ways to learn and make things better. I am a problem solver.

Collaboration: I contribute to, support and respect decisions that are made by my team and the organization. I build and promote positive working relationships and teamwork.

Stewardship: I am accountable for effectively managing my time and the organization’s resources. I share resources to achieve the best outcome.