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Assessing Community Need: Our Commitment to Valley Communities

A message from Valley Children's President and CEO, Todd Suntrapak

Photo of Todd Suntrapak, President and CEO of Valley Children's Healthcare

Nonprofit organizations are never separate from the people who create them. We are made to serve the greater good with no desire for profit and no motivation outside what is best for the population of our region.

As you view our website, you’ll quickly see the exceptional pediatric care provided at Valley Children’s Healthcare. You’ll read about the sick kids who come to us for help and the things we do to improve, and often save, their lives. Technically, that care fulfills our written mission, but it doesn’t completely fulfill our responsibilities as a member of the community.

Admittedly, the definition of “community” has grown since we were founded in 1952. We now serve a 45,000 square mile area stretching the length of the Valley and the width of the state. Despite our size, we have always been wholly owned by the people of our region. Citizens from throughout Central California now sit on our Board of Trustees, and as the Valley Children's CEO, I take my direction from them. We are not just a hospital up on the bluffs – we are one of you.

So what does a good “citizen hospital” do to give back to the community other than treat the ill and injured? We participate in community initiatives, we support community efforts, we get involved where we can do the most good.

When an issue involving the health and welfare of the Valley’s kids is being discussed, we’re at the table. When we have something to offer a worthwhile cause, we give.

Examples are easy to come by. Our Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center both treats and advocates for kids who cannot speak for themselves. The Center has become a regional force in preventing abuse through its work with schools, parent groups, and other community-based organizations.

Valley Children’s also supports the education of literally thousands of students preparing to become healthcare providers, including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and many others. Online we offer a free pediatric health encyclopedia for families. We also partner with many other nonprofits like the March of Dimes, Family Resource Centers, Central Valley Safe Kids Coalition, and the Kern Medically Vulnerable Infant Project.

The list goes on and on. We have become a powerhouse in pediatric healthcare, and we continue to use those same resources for the good of everyone in the region. We know that we can’t always be the answer, but whether we offer support or provide creative thinking and planning, we have a lot to offer.  

For more information regarding Valley Children’s commitment to supporting the health and welfare of children throughout Central California, please see the following documents.

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Todd Suntrapak
President & CEO