Home Care

Valley Children’s Home Care aims to provide the best, high quality in-home health services to Valley Children’s patients and families. Through best practices and innovative use of technology, Home Care provides an array of nursing, respiratory care and infusion services in the homes of children with acute and chronic illnesses. We serve ten counties in Central California and offer cost-effective and convenient programs featuring the latest technology for patients, caregivers and physicians. Each year, we serve more than 2,500 patients in a 45,000 square mile area of Central California.

Valley Children’s Home Care is staffed by a team of nurses, respiratory care practitioners, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We support and service all of our equipment, offer free delivery and set-up, 24-hour on-call clinical assistance and billing of all third-parties for reimbursement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue the best practices and innovative use of technology to provide high quality home health services to our patients and their families. We support them across the continuum of care so that each may attain their highest potential.

Our Vision

Valley Children's Home Care is the recognized expert provider of pediatric home care services for the Central Valley.