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Treatments For Heart Conditions and the Stories Behind Them

Our heart specialists at The Willson Heart Center improve lives every day with congenital heart defect treatments, diagnostics and testing, as well as treatments for a range of other heart problems. Our team provides innovative techniques and advanced care for acquired and congenital heart disease as well as common heart concerns and rhythm disorders. Our patients reflect on the positive impact of care at Valley Children's with these compelling heart stories from grateful patients and families:

Team Approach to Congenital Heart Defects Helps Davey Jean Thrive

The Stanley family credits the medical team at Valley Children's, which was involved even before their daughter was born. Valley Children’s team approach to patient care means that many different experts – in areas ranging from genetics to cardiology – collaborated on Davey Jean’s complex case.

Heart Patient Matthew Alvarado is 'Livin' the Dream'

Matthew and his family vividly remember that fateful evening in Fresno when his blood pressure and oxygen levels suddenly plummeted, while his heart rate and lung pressure escalated to alarming levels. Despite emergency care at a local hospital, Matthew’s condition continued to rapidly deteriorate. The reason why became clear only after his transfer to Valley Children’s.