Patient Stories

Valley Children's is honored to provide care for children living in the Central Valley. We are continually inspired by our patients' courage, and invite you to read these real patient stories as reminders of the journeys of struggle, healing and hope that we encounter daily.

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Madison's Story

Months before twins Madison and Makenzie were born, an ultrasound revealed that one sister had Ebstein’s anomaly, a rare, life-threatening congenital... Read More
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Finley's Story

When Finley’s family explored their dream of having another baby, that journey led them to adoption. In the same moment they met Finley at just one... Read More
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Heart Warriors: A Heart Perspective

It was the day of Elise’s heart surgery, and although Elise was in and out of sleep, her mom Jen would capture her love and support for Elise as... Read More

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Davey Jean's Story

Cardiologists at Valley Children’s Willson Heart Center face a range of heart conditions and congenital problems. Learn how our doctors prepared for... Read More
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Elise's Story

Elise was just a happy 5-year-old when she went in for a regular doctor visit. No one, especially her mom and dad, would suspect that anything was... Read More

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Bryce's Story

In January of 2021, Jennifer didn’t know what would happen to her son. Two months after she and her husband tested positive for COVID-19, Bryce –... Read More

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Ryker and Jessica's Story

“Those who were caring for Ryker made me feel like they really loved my child … we could’ve gone anywhere for treatment, but after meeting with... Read More

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Meet Riley: An ECMO Hero

At 10 years old, Riley was a happy and healthy girl who enjoyed being part of the drama club at school. When she began to feel tired often and... Read More

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Matthew's Story

Pediatric specialists in our Willson Heart Center diagnosed a deadly congenital heart defect in Matthew Alvarado. Read More