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Pediatric Heart Surgery Outcomes

The Willson Heart Center at Valley Children's Hospital is fully integrated with a complete range of services and a success rate that measures consistently, or in many cases better than, national benchmarks of reported outcomes, including our pediatric heart surgery outcomes. Our nationally recognized cardiac specialists are known for pioneering treatments and making the most acute and complex surgeries routine. The Center’s family-focused approach to bringing new techniques, comprehensive care and desired outcomes provides Valley families the expert pediatric heart care they are looking for closer to home.

Our pediatric cardiologists provide a range of services to diagnose and treat heart conditions and disease. Within that range, our team handles many kinds of pediatric heart conditions requiring surgery and have many years of expertise behind perfecting and personalizing procedures, including complex cases of pediatric open-heart surgery, to fit the needs of every patient. Our cardiac surgeons continuously assess and provide the safest approach for your child’s care at every turn.

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