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What is Behavioral Health?

For many people, having a conversation about behavioral health (also called mental health) starts with a single question: What is behavioral health? Behavioral health is an inclusive term that promotes overall emotional and mental wellness, while also including diagnosable and treatable mental health illnesses such as depression, ADHD, eating disorders and others. The world of behavioral health is large and includes many different conditions, from anxiety to autism spectrum disorders to substance abuse. Because behavioral health is so wide-reaching, it’s important to understand that behavioral health issues are common – it’s likely that someone you know or love (perhaps even yourself) has struggled or is struggling with a behavioral health issue.

It’s also important to understand that behavioral, mental and emotional health and well-being is just as real and important as physical health and well-being; in fact, the two are closely connected. Have you ever noticed that while going through a particularly stressful time in life, you may have encountered headaches or stomach aches? Or, did you ever focus on something so much – a test, perhaps – that it gave you anxiety that interrupted your appetite or your sleep schedule? These are just a few simple examples of the close relationship mental and physical health share.


Types of Behavioral Health Concerns

There are many different types of behavioral health issues. Below are a few examples; click on a condition to explore more and learn about symptoms, treatments, and prevention.