Supporting Emotional and Mental Wellness

One in every six youth in the United States has a diagnosable mental health disorder and half of individuals with a lifetime mental illness have symptoms by the age of 14*. Aside from the challenges mental health illnesses present to children, teens and young adults, there is also the challenge of the social stigma surrounding mental health that may deter children from seeing help, or from adults seeing the condition as a health problem. This stigma, paired with a lack of early identification, unfortunately results in deterring many children from seeking help.

Valley Children’s strives to be an advocate for all children in our community and a source to understand and help your child’s behavioral health and emotional and mental well-being. We are committed to participating in community initiatives, supporting community efforts and to being a quality resource for every family in our Valley. Further, we’re committed to advocating that mental and emotional health is just as critical to overall wellness as physical health, and we’re dedicated to combatting the stigma that prevents so many from being able to find the help they need and deserve.

360me: A Campaign Advocating for "Care for All of Me"

360me logoHealth depends on our physical health as well as our mental well-being. Somewhere along the way, those two elements of our health have become separate – treated separately, talked about separately, accepted by friends and families separately. As parents and families, we need to protect what’s most important: our kids' physical and mental health and well-being.

That’s the heart behind 360me: a Valley Children’s Healthcare initiative to help families, schools and communities safeguard our children’s physical and mental health. The campaign reminds us all to take care of our children’s physical and mental health and engage children in conversation about how they’re feeling – a proven foundation for a lifetime of mental wellness.

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*National Alliance on Mental Health. Health By The Numbers.