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About Valley Children's Simulation Program

Medical teams face all kinds of situations, and their skills and practices need to be ready at all times. Skills are developed through hands-on experience which happens in a simulated learning environment. We provide interprofessional simulation experiences to the entire Valley Children’s Healthcare Network. Various simulation techniques are utilized to optimize learning.

Valley Children’s Interprofessional Education Simulation Program uses high fidelity manikins, task trainers and virtual reality to simulate common medical procedures, complex medical conditions and life-threatening emergencies, even the rarest of possibilities. This allows our teams to gain experience and have a learning curve on our mannequins, not someone’s child.

Evidence proves that this high-fidelity simulation gives us better patient outcomes, and our numerous awards and accolades prove as much. 

Example of a high fidelity manikinExample of a high fidelity manikin used in simulationExample of a high fidelity manikin used for training

Examples of high fidelity manikins used in simulation training

Photo of task trainerPhoto of a task trainer in progress
Examples of task trainers

Virtual reality training for simulationExample of virtual reality being used in simulation training
Examples of virtual reality being used for simulation training