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What to Expect from Simulation Training

Upon arrival, you will receive a prebriefing and be given a chance to ask questions. Do what you would normally do in the situation presented. 

  • Basic Assumption: We believe that everyone participating in activities at Valley Children’s is intelligent, capable, cares about doing their best and wants to improve. Used by permission from the Center for Medical Simulation Boston, MA
  • Confidentiality: Simulation is a safe learning environment. What happens in simulation stays in simulation. Do not discuss the scenarios or participants outside the debriefing space.
  • Prebriefing: Prebriefing occurs just before the scenario begins. The purpose of prebriefing is to create a psychologically safe environment for participants. Includes objectives, orientation to manikins, equipment and the environment and creating a fiction contract.
  • Debriefing: Debriefing begins once the scenario has ended. The purpose of debriefing is to allow the participants time to reflect. The Promoting Excellence And Reflective Learning in Simulation (PEARLS) Debriefing Framework is utilized.
  • Evaluation: Please complete the simulation program evaluation after every simulation experience. Your feedback provides valuable input that will help shape future scenarios.