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Our Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program Fellows

PHM Fellowship Class of 2025

Dr. Miriam Ahmad

Dr. Miriam Ahmad

Hometown: Fresno, CA

About Me: I grew up and did most of my schooling in the Fresno area and have been away for medical training and work for almost eight years now, and am excited to return to the Valley!

Why I chose Valley Children's: Being originally from the area, I was familiar with Valley Children's and wanted to come back to a place that had a large diverse patient population, large network of resources, and an enthusiastic program that was invested in its trainees. 

Hobbies: Exploring the city and appreciating the outdoors, reading fiction/nonfiction and current events, making (and eating!) tasty food, crafting/painting/DIY projects

Advocacy/Interests/Accomplishments: I am drawn to hospital medicine for the breadth of practice: the combination of both simple acuity and longitudinal complex care as well as the ability to combine clinical work with external interests in leadership, global health, and QI/research.

Healthcare disparities and access to care are a specific area of interest. 

Care Philosophy: Providing effective care for hospitalized children does not happen in a vacuum, and I believe treating all parts of the child as a whole and working synergistically with all members of the care team provides the best outcomes for our patients.

Scholarly Project: Distance Traveled to Pediatric Inpatient Care Over a Decade in California

Dr. Emma Schumacher

Dr. Emma Schumacher

Hometown: Longmont, CO

About Me: I grew up in Colorado with my parents and two brothers who still live there. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in the mountains and have always enjoyed the outdoors. I studied engineering at CU Boulder but decided I ultimately wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. I moved to Iowa for medical school and then to Indiana for pediatrics residency. Outside of medicine, I enjoy exploring wherever I'm living and spending time with my friends and family. 

Why I chose Valley Children's: I am thrilled to be joining Valley Children's as a PHM fellow! I was immediately drawn to Valley Children's by the people working there. I loved how invested everyone was in strong, comprehensive patient care. I look forward to continuing to build my clinical skills to become a better hospitalist and focusing on my interests in medical/family education, patient advocacy, and global health while I learn more about and become a part of the Valley Children's community!

Hobbies: Anything outside (hiking, camping, etc), travelling, reading, board games, going to concerts/theatre/etc., exploring local restaurants and breweries

Advocacy/Interests: Medical education, patient advocacy, global health

Care Philosophy: I want to be a hospitalist because I like taking care of all aspects of a patient. I enjoy thinking critically about the medical needs of patients while fitting their needs into the larger picture of their lives. I am also passionate about teaching both learners in the hospital setting and helping patients and families understand their own care. 

Scholarly Project: Current Opinions and Perceptions of Parents and Care Givers on Language used in Medical Documentation

PHM Fellowship Class of 2026


Dr. Fatima Abdo

Dr. Fatima Abdo

Pediatric Residency: 
KU Wichita Pediatrics, Wichita, KS

Medical School:
American University of Antigua College of Medicine




Dr. Hye-Yin Kim

Dr. Hye-Yin (Helen) Kim

Pediatric Residency:
Kaiser Permanente, Southern CA

Medical School:
University of California, Davis, School of Medicine