Donate Handmade Items

Do you knit, crochet or sew? We have a number of projects that might be right up your alley.

Hats and Blankets

Due to the sensitive nature of our patient population, we are not able to accept handmade knitted or crocheted hats or blankets. Many of our patients need special considerations when given items due to their immune systems; some are very sensitive or reactive to household dust or pet dander that may accumulate on yarn stored at home. If you would like to contribute a handmade knitted or crocheted item, we welcome donations of prayer shawls for patient families.

NICU Isolette Covers and Quilts

Handmade isolette covers and quilts are always welcome by our NICU team. Click here for a NICU Isolette Cover pattern. The ideal size for quilts is 50” x 56”, and 100% cotton is preferred (no fleece, please). It is very important for the bottom side of both quilts and isolette covers to be very dark, like black, navy blue or any very dark color. This helps keep the isolette dark inside so that infants can get better sleep. Preferrably, batting is used between the fabrics to help reduce noise for sleeping infants.

Prayer Shawls

The purpose of a prayer shawl is to give someone a tangible example of the prayers for healing, peace, love and care. The shawl is made of soft yarn so the recipient can wrap up in it and feel a sense of security much like a hug. A prayer shawl is created while the maker of the shawl prays before beginning the shawl, during, and after they work on the shawl. Sometimes the makers know who they are making the shawl for, and sometimes they don't, but the makers pray for the person who receives it just the same.

A prayer shawl is a wonderful source of comfort and would be very well received by: a parent/caregiver in need of comfort while their child is undergoing medical procedures, a patient parent/caregiver who is in need of peace and patience during their child's serious illness and recovery and also for parent/caregivers who are dealing with the loss of a child. 

Therapy Dolls

The Child Life Department has expressed a need for homemade, blank therapy dolls. Patients are often apprehensive about what to expect during their hospital stay and are encouraged to decorate and personalize their dolls as a part of their treatment process. Not only can these dolls be used to help develop a friendly, open rapport between children and hospital staff through play and activities, but they are also useful tools in preparing children for their treatments. The dolls enable staff to assess a child’s perceptions and feelings in a non-threatening manner, while also demonstrating clinical tasks, such as showing the child where injections or surgical incisions will occur. Click here for pattern instructions.

Craft Donations

We have talented craftspeople who have time to give, but do not have the means to purchase supplies to do so. Any donations of new crafting or scrapbooking supplies are greatly appreciated and will be distributed to people wishing to complete projects. Please note that we are unable to accept handmade cards for patients. We are also unable to accept donated items that have photos, written stories or other personal information attached to them.