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Dr. Michelle PerezMichelle Perez, MD

Sacramento, California

About Me:
I’m honored to be a resident at Valley Children’s Healthcare. I’m from Sacramento, California, more specifically the area known as “South Sac.” As the second oldest child of six, born to young teen parents, I helped raise my youngest siblings. I became the first in my family to graduate from college and medical school. In addition, I’m also married and have an amazing 10 year old daughter who is on the autism spectrum.

Why I Chose Valley Children's:
During medical school, I did a visiting rotation at Valley Children’s Healthcare and fell in love with the program. Not only did I learn so much while I was training here, but what made the program differ from others was the level of support I felt from everyone. The doctors here were so amazing, from their bedside manner to their knowledge, that I was motivated even more to study harder to be at their level. From their teachings and words of encouragement, I felt this program saw the potential in me and could make me become the amazing pediatrician that I aspire to be. More so, many of the doctors checked up on me often to see how I was doing, as this rotation was my first time being away from my daughter for a long period of time. As parents themselves, the doctors understood how difficult this process can be for families. That level of caring showed me Valley was the program for me, that they truly care for their residents and students.

In my free time, my family and I enjoy exploring the outdoors, hiking, or bike riding.