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Marcie Nakatsuchi, MD

Dr. Marcie Nakatsuchi

Hometown: Visalia, CA

Medical School: University of California, Davis School of Medicine

Advocacy and Research Interests and Accomplishments:
I grew up in Visalia, California and it has always been my goal to return and give back to my community. I knew Valley Children’s program would be the perfect place to learn and gain quality experiences in diverse situations unique to the Central Valley. During my interview, I saw the dedication and compassion of the medical care team and felt at home amongst such a strong community of devoted healthcare workers.

Baking and decorating cakes, puzzle solving, painting, hiking (flat) trails, exploring local coffee shops/bakeries

Advocacy and or Research Accomplishments:
My advocacy interests include mental health, adverse childhood experiences and promoting immunizations in the community. I have been involved in research focused on developing target therapies for pediatric cancers, specifically focusing on leukemia and neuroblastoma using nanoparticles, chemotherapeutic drugs siRNA and leukemia-specific ligands and antibodies.

Care Philosophy:
I aspire to provide accessible, excellent healthcare to people like my family, friends and neighbors in Tulare County. I hope to address difficult social issues that impact childhood health such as poverty, food insecurity and exposure to adverse childhood events. My goal is to ensure children, regardless of status, race, or location will be able to live healthy lives.