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Keenia Tappin, MD

Keenia Tappin, MD

Glendale, California

About Me:  
I truly believe that kids are limitless and can reach any goal they set their minds to. Some kids don’t grow up in safe or supportive environments and because of that they feel forced to settle for less or give up on dreams. It only takes one positive adult influence to make an impact, to help them know that they are important, that they are here for a reason and have something important to contribute. My mission in life is to provide that support and inspiration for kids as a pediatrician.

Why I chose Valley Children’s Pediatric Residency Program:
I chose Valley Children's for the opportunity to provide the highest level of care for kids who need it most in a place where everyone gives their best to accomplish this goal.

Spinning, dance, sci-fi reading and Orange Theory

Care Philosophy:
Your story matters! Each individual has a unique gift to share with the world.