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Dr. Josh RooseJosh Roose, DO

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

About Me:
I have enjoyed working with kids ever since volunteering as a camp counselor at a summer camp in the Central Valley as a teenager. The chance to partner with parents in working for their children’s best health and hang out with kids is what drew me to pediatrics. I am happily married to a wonderful woman who equally loves caring for children. We met as camp counselors at summer camp, did medical school together and and we both plan to be future pediatricians serving the Central Valley.

Why I chose Valley Children’s:
Out of the many things I love about Valley Children’s, the thing that stands out is the atmosphere, that this well-equipped large children’s hospital with an excellent healthcare team is here for the united purpose of providing the best medical care for the children of the Central Valley. The residency program stood out to me as a unique opportunity to train at a mid-sized program geared toward allowing residents to tailor their training to their interests at the same time as enjoying the opportunities of a large children’s hospital. Also, there is the chance to learn to care for populations of the Central Valley, with growing metropolitan centers like Fresno and many agricultural and rural communities as well. Additionally, the close proximity to many national parks is a plus!

I like exploring new areas through hikes, camping and kayaking. I also enjoy Mario Kart and frisbee golf.

I have a special interest in getting involved in pediatric health summer camps, helping children, including those with chronic medical needs, have the chance to have adventures in the outdoors for personal growth, confidence development and of course fun.