Cancer Survivorship Conference Inspires Patients


Valley Children’s Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program recently held its 3rd annual Childhood Cancer Survivorship Conference. More than 120 people attended, including 35 survivors. One of them is a former patient named Scott. He underwent treatment for cancer at 16 and then again at 20. He is now 34. The conference inspired Scott to volunteer as a program mentor, providing guidance and support to younger survivors. He says, “This is what I need to do -- be there and talk with the kids and parents about what is going on. That there is hope and an amazing bright future ahead. Thank you so much for this conference. It means more than you know.” We thank Dr. Gates and the whole survivorship team for the work they do each and every day to prove all children have “futures worth fighting for.”

The Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program works with families and patients of all ages who are cancer-free. The goal is to educate, empower and prepare survivors for adulthood. Many of the very treatments that cure cancer also put patients at risk for long-term health problems. There are currently 843 survivors enrolled in the program.

Learn more about Valley Children's Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program and the Cancer & Blood Disorders Center.

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