Valley Children’s Pediatric Oncology Nurse is Making A Difference Within and Outside Hospital Walls

Photo of Lupe Dominguez, pediatric oncology nurse at Valley Children's Hospital

“If you ever want to humble yourself in life, take a moment to watch a child battle cancer. It is beyond the bravest thing you will ever see.” – Guadalupe “Lupe” Dominguez, pediatric oncology nurse at Valley Children’s Hospital


Guadalupe “Lupe” Dominguez was a nursing student at Fresno State when she was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia. At 22 years old, Lupe recalled a time during her fifth semester when she went from critical care nursing class to an appointment at the cancer center. She then spent the next six months receiving chemotherapy.


Today, Lupe is 23 years cancer-free and a pediatric oncology nurse at Valley Children’s, where she has dedicated her personal life and career to helping others.

“Any bit of knowledge I can share to help alleviate fear and confusion, and provide resources and a better understanding of the side effects of chemotherapy, I am all in,” shared Lupe. “I have been a pediatric oncology nurse for 17 years and am showing no signs of stopping.”

As her colleagues can attest, there is certainly no limit to what Lupe can achieve. “As a valued nurse and brave cancer survivor herself, Lupe offers first-hand knowledge and experience that resonates with our kids, and motivates them in a way that goes beyond any clinical knowledge and expertise,” Valley Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center Medical Director Dr. Vinod Balasa said. “She is compassionate in a way that is beyond measure.”

As a respected expert in her specialized field, Lupe is passionate about Latino community outreach, educating healthcare professionals and helping children and young adults who have been diagnosed with leukemia. She has shared her clinical expertise, lived experience and best practices in her field through local and national clinical education seminars in Spanish for Promotoras and Entrevision.

Lupe is an Honored Hero for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and has spent the last year participating in speaking engagements, LLS Latino outreach stakeholder meetings and as a patient ambassador.

Lupe recalled her experience after being linked with an LLS peer: “It was an inspiring feeling, it’s an immediate bond when socializing with a fellow survivor. It’s healing. It fills you with hope. It refuels your will to fight. It’s priceless.” And it is this same hope and connection that Lupe extends to others today as she continues to lead a life devoted to helping kids and families within and outside the hospital walls.

In partnership with LLS, Lupe will be speaking at Conversaciones Comuntarias, a Spanish language event for cancer survivors of all ages in honor of National Cancer Survivor Day. This free event takes place on June 2 from 5-8 p.m. at the Fresno Art Museum.

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