Valley Children’s Installs Advanced Imaging Technology for Even More Precise Care

Photo of Siemens Biograph 450 imaging machine

(Madera, Calif.) – Valley Children’s is advancing its imaging capabilities with the installation of the Siemens Biograph 450, an advanced scanner that uses innovative technology for improved detection, safety and screening. This addition makes Valley Children’s Hospital the only dedicated pediatric center in the Central Valley to offer this imaging solution for PET and CT scans.

PET scans are an effective way to help identify a variety of conditions, including cancer, heart disease and brain disorders, and can be more accurate at detecting any changes in the body compared to other imaging tests.

“Accurate and timely detection is essential to ensure we provide the best care,” explained Valley Children’s Director of Imaging and Radiology Services Mark Toatley. “For example, a PET scan is most commonly used for the detection and evaluation of cancer treatments, and this new imaging scanner will allow for an even more advanced image that can detect even the slightest change of cells in the body. This is particularly important when assessing the effectiveness of any cancer treatment or when monitoring how aggressive a type of cancer can be.”

The Siemens Biograph 450 whole-body PET/CT scanner can improve the quality of care for all disciplines at Valley Children’s, including – but not limited to – oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, hematology, infectious diseases, trauma and cardiac pathology. The speed of this new scanner also has the potential to reduce radiation exposure by approximately 50%, as well as the potential to reduce the frequency of use of anesthesia, since some imaging procedures can be completed in less time.

“Even with the most active patient or in any trauma scenario, this scanner can generate a true image of the body’s position automatically through post-scan reconstructions, which can also better portray placement and visibility of the body’s different organs,” added Toatley. “Through use of advanced and innovative imaging services, Valley Children’s can continue to ensure that kids in the Central Valley continue to receive the best care.”

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