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The “Boo” Normal: How to Halloween During COVID-19

Published on Oct. 26, 2020

Masked Boy in Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around that corner and while the candy-seeking tradition might look a little different this year due to COVID-19, the fun-filled takeaway that kicks off the holiday season can remain just as exciting for our kids.

Carving pumpkins, dressing up, watching scary movies, cooking festive treats, partaking in a virtual party or planning a themed scavenger hunt are all fun activities you can do from home with members of your household. This is the safest way to reduce your risk of exposure. It is also a sweet way to bond with your immediate family.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ventures such as trick-or-treating and visiting the pumpkin patch are considered to be moderate risk activities during COVID-19. So it is important to consider the following:

  • Costume accessories that go over the face are not a substitute for daily cloth masks.
  • Whether you are giving or receiving treats, wrapped goodie bags left at the end of a driveway, yard or open entrance are best for this exchange.
  • Wipe down the surfaces of collected Halloween treats and goodies before your kids get to open and enjoy them.
  • When visiting a pumpkin patch, haunted forest, festive orchard or corn field, make sure that hand sanitizer is used before and after touching common places or things.
  • Participate only in community events that are held outdoors, in an open-air environment and allow for social distancing.
  • Remember that screaming can increase the spread of a virus, so create more than six feet of space if you anticipate a scare.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to emphasize the importance of wearing a mask, keeping a social distance of at least six feet, avoiding large gatherings and washing or sanitizing hands frequently.

Allow these safety measures to pave the way regardless of how you indulge in Halloween fun, and be sure to express a joyful spirit because our little ones are always watching. Lastly, remember to document these moments with lots of photos and videos so that you can look back one day at how you celebrated during this unprecedented time with your loved ones.