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Programs and Services

Finding out you are expecting a baby is one of the many joys in life. But what if an unexpected diagnosis happens? Valley Children’s is here to help you be prepared.

From conducting routine tests to managing the most complex cases, our team of board-certified maternal-fetal medicine specialists work directly with your OBGYN or family doctor to minimize complications for high-risk pregnancies. Our programs and services include:

High-Risk Care Delivery

Valley Children’s high-risk delivery program not only diagnoses maternal or fetal complications, but assists in the management and care of the patient. Once a patient has been identified as a high-risk pregnancy and connected to Valley Children’s Maternal Fetal Center, the patient continues their prenatal care with Valley Children’s until delivery, allowing our team of expert specialists to provide all the services and consults that the patient might need and coordinate the delivery timing with all involved in the patient’s care.

For patients far from our main hospital in Madera, the Valley Children’s team coordinates emergency transport from any place throughout the 45,000 square-mile region. Once a patient is admitted in labor or for delivery, our team of five OBs with ample experience performing high-risk deliveries assist during the process and communicate continuously with both patient and their primary provider.

High-risk Transport

If a medical emergency requires your baby to receive the highest level of care, our experienced transport team will safely transfer your newborn to our Regional Level IV NICU in Madera. The skilled NICU nurses and respiratory therapists from Valley Children’s transport more babies, including some of the smallest and most fragile, than any other medical transport team in California.

Upon arrival to Central California’s only Level IV NICU, your baby will be placed under the care of board-certified neonatologists who consult with newborn care subspecialists to support the vast array of care that may be required.

Telemedicine Services

If patients encounter travel barriers, telemedicine services can be used for fetal evaluations or consultations.

Maternal and Fetal Testing

Women with high-risk pregnancies often need to be closely monitored throughout their pregnancy. Fortunately, there are many tests and procedures available to monitor the health of both mother and baby. Many pose little to no risk. Additionally, these tests and procedures also can provide valuable information to healthcare providers and expectant parents.