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Urology Services

We bring together experts to deliver family-centered care and excellent outcomes for a range of common and complex urological conditions. Our health providers oversee focused programs, utilizing minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.

The urology team collaborates with other pediatric specialists to provide a full spectrum of care. For patients with spina bifida, our urologists collaborate with multiple specialties, including neurosurgery, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, physiatry, dietary and social work. We are also a designated California Children’s Services Center.

Diagnostic Services

  • Fluoroscopic urodynamic study (FUDS) - A study of how the bladder and urethra work by taking pressure readings of the bladder and urethra using sophisticated computerized equipment.
  • Renal ultrasounds
  • Urinary flow rates
  • Voiding cystourethrograms (VCUG) - A minimally invasive test using a special X-ray technology (fluoroscopy) that looks at how well your child's kidneys, ureters and bladder are working.

Disorders of Sex Development (DSDs) Program: These are a group of rare conditions where the reproductive organs and genitals don't develop as expected. Our team of expert providers will work with you to understand your child's condition and offer support and advice.

Kidney Stone Program: Our urologists and nephrologists work together to help kids suffering from kidney stones. When a stone doesn’t pass on its own, it can be very painful. Our physicians gather a thorough history of your child and family’s health, perform an examination and test the urine for presence of infection.

Laparoscopic Surgery: We offer a minimally invasive approach to treat children with urological conditions without having to make large incisions. It greatly reduces the pain and discomfort postoperatively in some cases, and in others it makes the procedure more successful.

Prenatal Group: Through a collaborative approach, multiple disciplines from maternal-fetal medicine to neonatal medicine, cardiology and genetics come together to provide support for families with rare to complex urological abnormalities.

Neurogenic Bladder: We provide advanced treatments and medications for children who have neurogenic bladder disorders such as a loss of bladder control, incomplete bladder emptying or an inability to control the bowels.

Robotic Surgery Program: Valley Children's is the only hospital in the Central Valley to offer robotic-assisted surgery for children using the da Vinci® Surgical System. This is the most advanced technology allowing our urologists to perform laparoscopic reconstructive surgeries with 3D visualization and magnification, enhanced motion control and greater precision. These surgeries are minimally invasive and are associated with less pain, smaller scars and faster recovery time.

Voiding and Bladder Function: Voiding dysfunction is a condition in which the bladder does not function properly. We provide non-surgical treatments, behavioral techniques, minimally invasive procedures as well as more extensive surgical procedures, if necessary.