Pediatric Plastic Surgery

The effect of a visible disfigurement can be devastating for a child’s development, confidence and self-esteem.

At Valley Children’s, our pediatric plastic surgery department treats physical disfigurement for neonates, infants, adolescents and young adults. Our surgeons specialize in the correction and management of both congenital anomalies and traumatic conditions, including hand abnormalities, cleft lip and palate disorders, craniofacial and vascular anomalies. Each year, the department performs almost 1,400 plastic surgery procedures and sees more than 10,000 outpatient visits.

Emphasis on patient comfort and care is reflected in our outstanding patient and family satisfaction scores. In a recent survey, Valley Children’s plastic surgery outpatient department scored 93 percent on overall patient and family satisfaction.

Learn more about our comprehensive plastic surgery services and the conditions we treat.

Landon eating spaghetti out of a bowl

Landon's Story

Landon's Story

Jennifer and Jason Rice felt shock and fear when they learned their son Landon would be born with a cleft lip – a defect many people think only occurs in developing nations. That fear quickly dissipated, however, when the couple met Dr. Mimi Chao, a pediatric plastic surgeon at Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera. “She knew exactly what she was talking about,” Jennifer recalled. “She put us at ease.” “There were other places we could have gone, but we chose Valley Children’s,” Jason said of our pediatric medical facility more than two hours from their Atascadero home. “They hire only experts.”

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Meet Our Team

Valley Children's experienced team of pediatric subspecialists works together in a multidisciplinary approach to improve care for our young patients.