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Our Services

We bring together experts to deliver family-centered care and excellent outcomes for a range of complex orthopaedic conditions. We offer advanced inpatient and outpatient medical care to children and adolescents with acute and chronic orthopaedic needs.

Our Programs

Spine Center: Our orthopaedic surgeons use some of the most innovative procedures to treat some of the most complex spinal deformity conditions. Valley Children’s own Dr. Michael Elliot performed the first VEPTR and first MAGEC procedures in Central California.

Urgent/Fracture Care: Our practice was one of the first in the nation to implement a pediatric orthopaedic urgent care. Kids don’t schedule falling down and getting hurt. We have appointments available every day for acute urgent problems, including providing treatment for approximately 5,000 pediatric fractures a year.

Neuromuscular Disorders: Our team provides a comprehensive approach in the care of patients with severe functional limitations or spasticity that may result from conditions such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, traumatic brain injuries, muscular dystrophy, brain tumors, encephalitis and meningitis. Our pediatric orthopaedic specialists work closely with our other pediatric specialists, including physiatrists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, occupational therapists and others to develop and oversee a thorough treatment plan.

Hip Program: We provide evaluation, testing and treatment for all hip disorders in children. Young adults have hip pain as a result of a childhood hip disorder or due to hip dysplasia or femoroacetabular impingement. We care for patients of all age groups and treat them to prevent or delay early onset of hip arthritis. We use different nonsurgical and surgical techniques to alleviate the pain and improve outcomes.

Clubfoot Clinic: A dedicated team cares for children with a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions from severe congenital defects such as clubfoot disorder, flat feet, toe deformities, to simple common foot problems.

Orthopaedic Trauma: We provide expert evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries of the limb and spine. Our orthopaedic surgeons are part of a specialized team that practices in our Level II Pediatric Trauma Center.

Sports Medicine: Our team also has extensive experience in treating young athletes, employing sport-specific treatment to get them back to play as soon as possible. We routinely treat sports injuries such as fractures, strains, ligament injuries requiring surgery, and arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapists at Valley Children’s provide evaluation and treatment services, with the overall goal of obtaining the optimal level of independence by restoring movement, mobility, function, relieving pain, and educating and collaborating with patients and their families in their care.

Occupational Therapy: Our occupational therapists provide evaluation and treatment services with the overall goal of facilitating development, enhancing function, and maximizing independence in all daily life activities. For children, the word “occupation” refers to play, self-care, school work, and other activities that occupy a child’s day.

Multidisciplinary Services

The team works closely with other Valley Children’s services and pediatric specialties to encompass a full spectrum of care.

Emergency Department: Our surgeons work in conjunction with Valley Children’s trauma team for orthopaedic cases brought to the Emergency Department.

Rehabilitation: Our Rehabilitation team provides rehabilitation services following surgical procedures for orthopaedic disorders (such as cerebral palsy) and sports injuries.

Anesthesiology: Provides a regional anesthetic in combination with a general anesthetic for orthopeadic procedures.

Genetics: Works with Valley Children’s geneticists to treat patients diagnosed with brittle bone disease, short stature and loose joints.

Hematology: Works with our hematologists to treat hemophilia patients that have fractures or broken bones.

Charlie Mitchell Children’s Center: Collaborates with pediatric primary care physicians to provide care for complex chronic conditions such as cerebral palsy.

Radiology and Medical Imaging: Provides plain film X-ray and CT scan services for orthopaedic surgeons.

Neurology: Our orthopaedic surgeons work in conjunction with our neurologists for patients with neuromuscular diseases.