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Guild Coordinating Council

Each Guild is its own 501c3, established for the specific purpose to support Valley Children's Healthcare. To ensure the Guilds are fully informed about Valley Children's, in 1949, the Coordinating Council was established. Since then, the Council meets quarterly with a representative from each Guild serving as Director of the Council – they are a key liaison in reporting information back to their Guild.

2021 Coordinating Council Directors

Executive Leadership

Connie McClaskey
Las Madrinas Guild

Vice Chair
Marla McClaskey
Los Rancheros Guild

Advisory Council Chair
Vicki Burkhalter
La Sierra Guild

Secretary and Treasurer
Teresa Fierro
Director, Guilds and Network Events


Alegria Guild
Nancy Staggs

Holiday Guild
Kathy Sadler

Kings Guild
Lynette Duston

La Comida Guild
Dana Johnson

La Feliz Guild
Samantha Bauer

La Sierra Guild
Kathy Zingrich

La Tienda Guild
Vanda McArthur

La Visionaria Guild
Dori Chimienti

Las Madrinas Guild
Julie Ivancovich

Los Niños Guild
Shaun Cuaron

Los Rancheros Guild
Sheila Urdesich

Padrinos Guild
Patrick Murphy

Tenaya Guild
Muriel Fore

Guild Office

Teresa Fierro
Director, Guilds and Network Events