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Help A Child Heal Through Music


For a child, being in the hospital can be a strange and scary place filled with unfamiliar people, sights and sounds. At Valley Children’s we do everything in our power to make each visit as comfortable as possible, caring for not just our patients, but their entire family.

Our music therapy program uses the healing power of music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of our patients. It helps with pain management and relaxation, speech and language improvement, distraction, mobility, and socialization.

A patient recovering from a traumatic accident might not be able to talk, but maybe he can strum his fingers on a guitar, lay his hands across the keys of a piano, or just stay still and hear the sounds of soothing music. A baby recovering from heart surgery is in pain and having trouble sleeping. She might not be able to sing or play an instrument, but she can listen to a lullaby and be soothed to let her body relax.

It’s only through the support of donors like you that we can provide music therapy. Please help us meet the growing need for the program and make a gift today.

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