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As parents and families, we need to protect our kids, and what’s most important is their physical and mental health and well-being. That’s the heart behind 360me: a Valley Children’s Healthcare initiative to help families, schools and communities safeguard our children’s physical and mental health.

Care for all of me

We know that our health depends on our physical health as well as our mental well-being. Somewhere along the way, those two elements of our health have become separate – treated separately, talked about separately, accepted by friends and families separately.

360me reminds us all to take care of our children’s physical and mental health. Engage children in conversation about how they’re feeling – a proven foundation for a lifetime of mental wellness. 

Look to 360me for resources to help you recognize and understand the many connections between mental and physical wellness and to reduce the stigma society incorrectly associates with mental health.

Let's start the conversation. And together, let's take care of our kids.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Starting a conversation can be life-saving.

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Slow down.

Stress-reducing strategies for kids and teens

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Health from Every Degree: A Mental Health Toolkit

A collection of resources to help start the conversation with your child.

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Make time for playtime

Their mental health requires it

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Sleep well.
Be well.

Recommendations to improve your child's sleep

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