Ways to Give to Valley Children's

We send cancer into remission, repair little hearts and help the tiniest of babies grow up. Medicine has progressed, but parents haven't changed. They still want the same thing: the best care possible when their children get sick.

In California, we treat more inpatient cases than any pediatric hospital north of San Diego, making us the second largest children's hospital in the state. We are the premier pediatric medical center in the heart of the Golden State. We want to keep that dream growing and we need your support.

Through over 60 years of service to children, Valley Children's Healthcare has become the healthcare umbrella protecting the 1.3 million kids living in the Central Valley. Through your generosity, we hope to continue to be that umbrella protecting children’s health for generations to come.

We believe in the power of philanthropy to save lives. When you donate to Valley Children's, your investment is helping to fund life-saving technology, advance clinical services, provide a safety net for children with little or no private medical insurance and create a healing environment designed to enrich the experience of patients and their families.

We invite you to contact the staff at Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation or the Guilds Office with questions you might have on how you can support Valley Children's Healthcare through financial contributions or by giving generously of your time.