Donate Toys and Games to Valley Children's

The Child Life Department at Valley Children’s appreciates donations of toys, craft items and board games. Gifts of any size support the greatest needs of the Child Life program.

If you are considering a fundraising event or soliciting items for the hospital toward a donation, contact the Foundation department at (559) 353-7100 for more information.

Toy Donation Guidelines

In order to keep our patients safe, used or even gently used items cannot be accepted. Pediatric patients need special considerations when they are given items due to their delicate immune systems. Patients can be more sensitive or reactive when exposed to dust, animal dander, cleaning products, etc. Their health is our highest concern and we appreciate your understanding and support to provide only new items. Due to the sensitive nature of our patient population, all donations must come from a smoke-free environment. New, unwrapped toys, games, DVDs, video games, teen toiletries, art supplies, gift bags, blankets, hats and other items for children of all ages are accepted - provided they are in the original box with tags attached. 

Sometimes, due to health and safety considerations, we are not able to accept donations. When this happens, we give donations to other organizations in our community who work to benefit the lives of children in the Central Valley.

Please note that we are unable to accept handmade cards for patients. We are also unable to accept donated items that have photos, written stories or other personal information attached to them. Please do not wrap donated items.

View Child Life's Amazon wish list to see a list of needed new items. If you are interested in donating items for our Spiritual Care department, view the Spiritual Care Items Wish List

How do I donate toys to Valley Children's Hospital?

If you are interested in donating needed new items to Valley Children's Hospital, please fill out the following information. Your information will be reviewed by a member of the Child Life team. Requests are reviewed on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the order received.

Unfortunately, due to infection control and privacy policies, you will not be able to deliver your gifts to patients directly. Donations are distributed to children by hospital staff.

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