Donate Items to Valley Children’s

No matter how big or small, every donated item is appreciated. Your gift can bring comfort to a patient or family in need. Before you donate items to Valley Children’s, please review the donation guidelines below and consider the items that are currently needed most. Please note we can now only accept plastic wagons.

Our greatest needs:

  • Items for teenage patients
  • Infant/toddler toys and board books
  • Building sets (Duplo, Lego, K'nex)

Please understand that we are not able to accept:

  • Knitted or crocheted hats, scarves or blankets
  • Used items of any kind
  • Handmade cards
  • Items that include personal information or have printed personal stories attached

Please call the Child Life department at (559) 353-5882 prior to bringing in a donated item. They can help you identify the areas of greatest need and provide additional donation guidelines.

Donation Guidelines

In order to keep our patients safe, all items must be brand new; used or even gently used items cannot be accepted. Pediatric patients need special considerations when they are given items due to their immune systems. Patients can be more sensitive or reactive when exposed to dust, animal dander, cleaning products, etc. Their health is our highest concern and we appreciate your understanding and support to provide only new items.

Due to the sensitive nature of our patient population, all donations must come from a smoke-free environment. 

Sometimes, due to health and safety considerations, we are not able to accept donations. When this happens, we give donations either to the La Tienda Guild Thrift Shop (whose proceeds benefit Valley Children’s), or to organizations in our community who work to benefit the lives of children in the Central Valley.

Please note that we are unable to accept handmade cards for patients. We are also unable to accept donated items that have photos, written stories or other personal information attached to them.

Please understand that due to the health and safety of our patients, donations are permitted on a drop-off-only basis. Passing out donations to patient rooms will not be permitted.

For donation inquiries, please call the Child Life department at (559) 353-5882.