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Called to Comfort:
Jill's Journey to Becoming a NICU Cuddler

Before she even graduated from college, Jill Campbell knew she wanted to be surrounded by kids. She made that her career, teaching kindergarten in Clovis for 40 years. But even as that career came to a close, she still felt that need to help children. The week she retired, Jill applied to be a volunteer at Valley Children’s. “I just knew that somehow, some way, I was going to rock babies at Valley Children’s,” said Jill. “I wanted that to be my next chapter.”

Valley Children's volunteer Jill cradles a baby
Jill cradles a young patient during her shift as a Valley Children's volunteer

Now Jill is a dedicated NICU cuddler, helping ensure Valley Children’s tiniest patients get the comfort and attention they need to grow and thrive. Cuddlers hold and rock NICU babies when their parents can’t be there, so Jill is also helping moms and dads feel secure that their special baby is getting the best care and attention possible. "Not every parent can be there, but every baby needs to be held and loved,” explained Jill. "I can go in and love someone’s baby when the parent can’t. I’ll hold them and sing to them. That’s what it’s all about for me."

Find Your Calling as a Valley Children's Volunteer

Volunteers are at the heart of Valley Children’s patient experience. If you are called to take time for kids, we invite you to explore open volunteer opportunities and join the more than 500 volunteers of all ages (and 18 canine teams!) enhancing the healing process for patients and families at Valley Children's Healthcare. Explore volunteer opportunities >>