Sleep Medicine Program

Sleep is a critical part of a child’s good health. Disorders related to sleep place children at high risk for physical, developmental and behavioral health problems. Valley Children’s Sleep Medicine Program provides expert diagnosis and management for all forms of pediatric sleep disorders.

Children can experience difficulty with sleep at any age, and a sleep disorder often develops as part of other medical conditions. To address this, Valley Children’s Sleep Medicine Program uses a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the highest quality care so children experience the best possible sleep.


Sleep Study Expertise

During sleep study, or polysomnogram (PSG), a child’s breathing, movement, heart function and brain are monitoried as they sleep. Sleep studies are helpful tools that help sleep specialists diagnose sleep-related diorders, including sleep apnea. Click here to learn more more about sleep studies and how to prepare for your child's sleep study at Valley Children's Hospital.



Meet Our Pediatric Sleep Medicine Specialist

Photo of Dr. David Suhrbier, Medical Director, Valley Children's Sleep Medicine ProgramDr. David Suhrbier is Medical Director of Valley Children's Sleep Medicine Program. Fellowship-trained in pediatric neurology, he brings 30 years of expertise in pediatric sleep medicine and works together in a multidisciplinary approach with other Valley Children's pediatric specialists to provide the best care for our young patients.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Suhrbier.