Madison and Mackenzie: Two of a Kind

Months before twins Madison and Makenzie were born, an ultrasound revealed that one sister would require Ebstein anomaly treatment. Ebstein’s anomaly is a rare, life-threatening congenital heart defect that can cause blood to leak through valves, impairing heart function. People with Ebstein’s anomaly may require life-saving treatment at birth involving a valve repair or valve replacement, or they might live for years without treatment. After they were born, Madison spent weeks in Valley Children’s Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), then later underwent open-heart surgery to repair the hole in her heart.

More than six years later, the only way to tell Madison underwent surgery is a small scar on her chest. Even her pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Kenneth Rouillard, has trouble telling the sisters apart. Madison loves to take dance lessons, sing with her sister Makenzie and chase after her big brother Travis. When she grows up, Madison wants to be a teacher and help kids realize their dreams.

Expert care that comes from the heart

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