Maddox: Courage With a Smile

Sometimes the smallest people can show us life’s most important virtues. Maddox’s life has been a profile in joy, thankfulness and courage. Born 16 weeks early and weighing less than two pounds, he spent 153 days in Valley Children’s Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), suffering a stroke and undergoing nine surgeries during his first five months of life. Due to his complex medical conditions, including cerebral palsy and vision impairment, Maddox continues to be monitored by Valley Children’s pediatric specialists.

Today, Maddox is a first-grader at a Fresno elementary school. He loves music and playing with his younger sister, Raegan. She was also born at 26 weeks and spent months in Valley Children’s NICU.

Through it all, Maddox has met all of life’s challenges with an indomitable joy that radiates positivity and impacts everyone he meets.

Maddox’s mom, Amanda, says, “We celebrate Maddox all the time. Milestones others take for granted, we celebrate. He is a true gift.”

Chris, Maddox’s dad, adds, “He is stronger than me. He is braver than me.”

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