Home Is Where The Heart Is


When Finley’s family explored their dream of having another baby, that journey led them to adoption. Shortly after birth, In the same moment they met Finley at just one day old, they also learned that she had a congenital heart defect and would require transposition of the great arteries surgery (TGA) – meaning that the vessels that pumped blood to her heart were connected the wrong way.

Finley had to undergo lifesaving surgery where the experts at Valley Children’s worked to complete a repaired transposition, allowing proper blood flow. Finley made a full recovery and her parents were thrilled to take their little girl home.

Today, Finley has grown into a rambunctious little girl who loves running around, talking and climbing on things. She continues to visit the expert staff at Valley Children’s for a physical every year and her family continues to cherish the family they always dreamed of.

Expert care that comes from the heart

At Valley Children’s, our team of pediatric heart specialists provide exceptional care from before birth all the way into adulthood. The Willson Heart Center’s team of board-certified, pediatric heart specialists pioneers new treatments and serves more than 9,000 families a year. Learn more about how our team helps kids like Finley reach for their dreams and follow their heart >>